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Small Steps for Africa is a UK- registered charity (charity no. 1181553) that currently works with local partners in Madagascar to support access to education and healthcare for young people in communities around the capital, Antananarivo. 

For ten years, we have been providing opportunities for children in the Plateau region of Madagascar to attend school or college and access healthcare, who would never otherwise have had the opportunity.


Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest countries, where 75% of people live below the poverty line. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the economy, and many families who were already struggling to make ends meet have now been plunged into even more profound hardship.


SSFA has supported more than 120 children through our child sponsorship schemes, which come with a holistic support package to the young people and their families.


Not only do we help with their school fees, but also their books, uniforms, canteen breakfast and lunch, health costs and extra social support their families need at particular moments.

Transforming lives - step by step.

Working together with local partners in Madagascar, we support young people to attend school, stay healthy and get a good job when they leave education.

We do this by:

  • Facilitating the sponsorship of individual young people to attend nursery, school, university and practical post-16 training, targeting those whose families would be unable to afford the fees.

  • Funding two hot meals in the school canteen every day, to help children perform their best at school

  • Providing extra support to the children and their families, to help keep them healthy and attending school - this includes medical costs, employment-generating activities, housing and extracurricular activities, particularly at moments of crisis and hardship.

  • Funding infrastructure projects, such as new hygiene and learning facilities,  as well as repairs to key buildings.

  • Paying the wages of qualified health and social workers

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