Small Steps 
for Africa

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The work of Small Steps for Africa started back in 2008, after mother and daughter, Tracey and Charlotte Baker visited the village of Irenzi in rural Uganda, and decided to fundraise to provide the village with two clean water sources. 

With the support of their church and local community in Kew Gardens, they achieved their aim, and a six month trip to Africa by Charlotte in 2013 made her decide to found 'Small Steps for Africa.' 

The name reflects her belief that whilst it is easy for politicians to stand up and talk about 'making poverty history', in reality, true progress can only be made through small, sustainable steps.

After spending time in Togo, Cameroon and Madagascar and working with several organisations in these countries, Charlotte decided to set up a partnership with local NGO 'Children of Madagascar', promising to provide an education and essential supplies for a family of six who had never been to school.

What started out initially as a promise to this family has evolved into a much larger operation. 

Small Steps for Africa now funds a several projects in Madagascar, and has facilitated the sponsorship of over 100 children by generous British donors. 

Our policy is to work with small, local organisations and all projects are thoroughly assessed to ensure accountability and value for money. 

We work in the areas of education, sanitation and sustainable development, with employability a major focus and goal.